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Seam welding equipment is commonly used on steel tubes and pipes, seam welding is an efficient method of creating strong welds on cylindrical parts.

    1. Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine
    2. Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine For different purposes of application, our longitudinal seam welding machine can be specifically fabricated for air tank welding, water heater welding, cylinder welding, shock absorber welding, motorcycle frame welding etc.
    1. Circumferential Seam Welding Machine
    2. Circumferential Seam Welding Machine With different welding methods of MIG/TIG/MAG, they are widely used for processing of air reservoir, water heater, fire extinguisher, transmission shaft, shock absorber, resonator, aerosol container, pipe coupling, pipe coupling, pipe elbow, pipe tee, etc.
    1. Rotary Welding Robot
    2. Rotary Welding Robot And they are applicable to be used for processing of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other metal workpieces in various industries, such as air reservoir, water heater, fire extinguisher, transmission shaft, shock absorber, resonator, etc.
    1. 4 Axis Welding Robot
    2. Welding Robot Xuzheng 4-axis welding robots are capable to achieve two-dimensional or three-dimensional arc welding on different workpieces, mainly used for processing of furniture fittings, auto parts, motorcycle parts, and other parts need to be welded ...
    1. Plate Rolling Machine
    2. Plate Rolling Machine Xuzheng hydraulic 2-roll plate bending machines are designed for rolling and bending thin plates with thickness less than 4mm, to meet the needs of pre-processing of sheet metal from tank manufacturers, cylinder manufacturers, tube manufacturers.
    1. Swaging Machine
    2. Swaging Machine Xuzheng hydraulic swaging machines are typically designed for swaging or pointing metal end caps and heads with thickness ranges from 1.3mm to 8mm. This diameter reduction process aims at facilitating welding of end caps and heads in post-processing.
Xuzheng not only provides our standard seam welders in stock, but also can manufacture custom models depending on your specific welding needs, such as material to be welded, pipe diameter, seam length, etc.
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